Color Vastu

Colors plays an important role and the colors affect the following: It has been scientifically proved that colors influence us, though we might not aware of it. Our mood, attitude, behavour health, happiness all are affected by the colors around us. Colors harmonize and balance our energy and thus improve our life and destiny. Out of the balance and harmonizing of positive and negative forces arises energy and the most essential feature of life and human energy is greatly affected by color. All colors emit energies and hence colors which emit positive energies must be used.

Colors are nothing but lights of different frequencies and wavelengths. Every color is a kind of radiation and so, colors used for walls do have a profound influence on people living in the space. The vibrations of the universe manifest themselves in the form of colors and musical notes. This is the reason why one would like to listen to certain kind of music and wear certain colored clothes. All this happens knowingly or unknowingly. Vastu, which is based on principles of energies and radiations, gives precise guidelines about use of colors depending on the directional aspect and usage pattern of the room.

Every room colors, in Home, Office, Factory and Shop should be matched with the colors of respective planets and elements related with those particular Vastu directions. White color (or Light) is the combination of the seven primary colors/energies: VIBGYOR or Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Each color is linked with a particular part of human body and will affect emotionally, physically and mentally.

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