Negative Energies

When you enter a clean and neat room, you feel good and the opposite happens when you enter a dirty, messy room. When you have no clutter in the home, there is lot of positive energy in the home. When the house is full of clutter, heavy negative energies reside in the home. This is mainly because all the clutter and dirt attract negative energy. Every time you clean, you are automatically removing negative energy.

Every piece of furniture that is used in homes emits some kind of negative energy. The used clothes and foot wear emit large amounts of negative energies. We use at homes many articles made out of materials that generate huge amount of negative energies. For example all the electronic devices like televisions, computers etc. are generators of negative energy. It is even observed that some decoration plants that we keep at home also emit large amounts of negative energy. Some colors used in painting also emit negative energy. Considering the fact that we cannot live without machinery or articles in our daily life, we can never completely eliminate the negative energies from any home or work place. We can only create more sources of positive energy in the home or work place so that the negative energies get neutralized and net positive energy exists at home.

Today we have tools to identify these sources of negative energy and we also have methodology for increasing the positive energy of the home. The first step is to scan each room in the whole house and identify the articles or utility furniture or decorative items that emit negative energy. An expert can also estimate the quantum of negative energy using an energy scanner. Once the zones of negative energy are identified, the next step is to create sources of positive energy in that particular room.

The only source of positive energy in this universe is Cosmos. We need to use tools to attract cosmic energy and bring it into our home. Pyramids are great sources of positive energy because they have been designed to attract and bring cosmic positive energy and distribute the same to the surroundings. Pyramid is the shape that resonates with the cosmic energy from the sun and outer space to the earth. Pyramids because of their unique design establish a connection with all four directions and earth and cosmos. The 6 sided interactions of the pyramid has the unique ability to attract positive energy for your home. An expert can scan your house and create a structure of pyramids that can completely neutralize the negative energies and create a positive energy in your home or workplace.

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