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About Us

Traditional Vastu is a science based on directions. There is great scientific logic in the traditional vastu. When the principles say that the North East of the house should be kept free of any construction, it means that the sun light in the morning should enter the house from East and the rays of the morning sun are good for the health of the people living in that house.

While the traditional vastu has been perfect and served us for centuries, there are many changes that have occurred in the landscape we are living today. Today multi story buildings are constructed. It is possible that there is a high rise tower to the north east of your house and the rays of the morning sun do not enter into your house. A big electrical sub-station could come up in the north east of your house and it will be generating lot of negative energy and pumping the same into your house. Many other developments happen around us in the landscape that do not really allow us the benefit of a good vastu design because we do not have control on what is being built next to our house.

There are metro rails being constructed underground in some of the cities. These railways systems operate through the tunnels that have been dug below our houses or roads. There are large pillars being constructed for flyovers and these pillars go deep into the earth. These kind of constructions create gaps in the earth on which build our houses and hence geopathic stress is created. Traditional vastu never had to face this kind of environment. But we in this modern age face the dangers of development.

Hence the concept of traditional vastu yields less and less benefits that have been stated by our ancestors. The world we live in today is different than the world in which our ancestors lived. These limitation imposed by the development around is affecting all of us and we need to find solutions. The situation is worse for those who have not constructed their houses as per traditional vastu principles because their discomfort becomes double. There are many residences, factories, project sites and commercial buildings that have not been designed in compliance with the principles of Vastu. They also need correction. We need a new thinking on Vastu to face the new situation.

The new thinking in vastu has to focus more on controlling geopathic stress, maintaining the positive energy of the house and using the right kind of colors in the house to generate harmony and peace.

About Raghava:

Raghava is a Mechanical Engineer with over 30 years of experience (at COO/CEO-Level) in private, public and Family run businesses. His is well experienced in understanding business in the domains of Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Real Estate & Infrastructure sectors and Hospitals. Prior to and freelancing as a Management Consultant, Raghava had over 30 years of Corporate Leadership Experience in:

· Oil & Gas (Downstream marketing & Operations)
· Manufacturing (including grounding new project in manufacturing domain)
· Real Estate and Infrastructure (SEZs and Gated Communities)
· Healthcare (Hospital Management)

His corporate and business experience has given him the ability to view the occult also as a science and interpret the occult with a heavy scientific temper. It has also given him deep insights into the way people are driven by their psychology and character design. He uses his immense human knowledge to help people through Corporate and Business Astrology and Vastu. He understands the basic wiring of the people through his knowledge of astrology. In addition, he can speak the same language as a Corporate and Government Employee because of his executive experience and understanding of how companies/Governments work and evolve.
He is a certified Pyravastu Expert and Geopathic Stress Healer. He is based out of Hyderabad and advises clients on geopathic stress corrections and vastu corrections using pyramids and their energies.
He combines his Corporate/Government/Business Experience with Astrology and Vastu and provides holistic solutions to life’s ambiguous and complex problems.